Education: The Most Powerful Weapon To Shape Human Beings And Societies

It is the least-asked but the most important question, what does education mean, and what is the purpose of education? Starting from understanding the meaning of education, seeking knowledge, and learning new skills and ideas come under education. Every member of our society is destined to learn and seek new skills, whether from his surroundings or in proper educational institutes. However, sticking to the literal meaning of education, we will try to unpack the objectives of education through books. People go to schools, colleges and then enter universities in order to pursue higher education. At some stage in their academics, they must ask themselves why we are doing this. What is the purpose behind all our endeavors to get degrees and courses?

In this blog, we have attempted to unfold some objectives of education. You will get an overview of education and its contribution to our lives. It is likely to happen that you have heard or discussed these purposes of education already, but still, it's necessary to read our article. As interests vary by every human being, it is possible to take education differently, but the points we are going to discuss are linked with yours at some points. So, start from here.

Knowledge And Intellectual Development

Have you ever thought about why people view life differently? Why is democracy an appealing form of government to many people but not acceptable to various groups of people? Why do people argue on a topic? The answer to all these questions is because of education. It is education that makes people in their own way and reflect on the world from different points of view. So, the fundamental purpose of education is to give knowledge to human beings and to develop them intellectually. Intellectual development suggests that at a certain age in our life, we start to think logically and try to understand our environment. It is education that makes intellectuals shape human society in order to lead a life full of prosperity, peace, and harmony.

With certain knowledge, an individual comes to a stage in life when he interprets things to the people who cannot seek education properly. With intellectual power, knowledge, and reason, this society gets the shape as we see it now.

In the present time, we read in our books that human beings once used live in caves and walk naked. Then why do we see beautiful buildings, speedy cars, and branded outfits? These revolutions are a result of human intellectual and knowledge.

Personal Growth

Personal growth is something not restricted only to classrooms or books. It goes beyond bookish knowledge and assessments. Personal growth is a process having many sides at the same time. From communication skills, creativity, and a sense of responsibility to emotional intelligence, courteousness, and curiosity, all these areas are possessed by personal growth. So, education is a driving power in your personal growth.

Growing your personality is as necessary as earning bread and cake for yourself. Personal growth happens to suggest an individual who does not learn how to act in a particular situation or how to communicate with different people; he cannot afford to live within a civilized culture. Education, whether it is in primary or higher education, offers much room for an individual's personal growth.

Social Development

Looking back to Aristotle, who declared man a social animal, we say and experience human beings cannot live in isolation. We must come out and interact with others to lead a normal social life. Aristotle once again says that a person who isn't social deserves to be banished from society. Hence, it becomes clear that social development is an undeniable part of our lives. Education plays a central role in it. As a student, an individual goes to school and learns to communicate, collaborate, and participate with others. He learns how to compromise in a particular situation and how to handle when someone does wrong to him. In such a manner, he develops himself socially and morally. Education offers opportunities to grow by taking part in projects, competitions, and other extra-curricular activities in our educational institutes.

Economic Development

Education plays a fundamental role growth and establishment of the economy of a country. Individuals equipped with advanced education and knowledge possess skills and expertise in various fields. They deserve to enter government and corporate sectors to serve in their respective fields. In this way, businesses grow rapidly, that result in the growth of the economy.

When it comes to talking about career and job, the meaning of education get restricted to some extent, but we cannot help it. Every individual pursues education to get a better job opportunity. In this way, he consciously or unconsciously contributes to the establishment of the economy. So, education works as fuel to channel their energies in a particular direction.

Education At Its Core

Education is multifaceted and complex have been contributing to human life for the last thousands of years. However, keeping all other purposes of education aside, at its core, education aims to empower individuals to unleash their full potential. It makes individuals polish their talent and present it to the world in a more appealing way. It tells people how they can be better in their lives and how they contribute to their communities.


As we have mentioned in the opening lines, we cannot cover each and every aspect of education because everyone views it partly. However, we aimed to give our readers an objective overview of education. We pay you a warm welcome if you are reading this and suggest you keep visiting our websites to read such informative blogs related to academia and education. May you get the best out of your endeavors.

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