Subjects Covered in the GRE Exam

Analytic Writing

Analytic writing involves addressing, evaluating, and recommending responses to an issue. The task is to construct an argument, delving into its complexities and supporting viewpoints with references, allusions, and reasoning. GRE analytic writing evaluates these skills to determine an applicant's eligibility for entry into their desired educational institution.

Verbal Reasoning

In GRE verbal reasoning, you must interpret and critically evaluate written material, extracting relevant information. Additionally, the assessment focuses on your ability to establish connections between various components of a sentence and link words together.

Quantitative Reasoning

Can you apply quantitative methods to solve problems? Is your grasp of mathematical reasoning and elementary mathematics strong? If such questions concern you, addressing GRE quantitative reasoning becomes essential. This section reveals your problem-solving skills, understanding of mathematical concepts, and proficiency in using quantitative methods. Rest assured, we're here to support you. Click the button and engage in a chat with us!

Critical Thinking:

How do you approach a specific situation? What decision would be the most astute for an immediate problem resolution? These questions challenge your critical thinking abilities. To navigate such intricate scenarios, your logical and reasoning skills need to be profound. If you find it challenging, don't hesitate to ask us to take your GRE exam for you.

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