Reducing Screen Time To Improve Academic Performance

tablets. Students waste their precious time in front of the screen watching unnecessary stuff. This way, they affect their education, health, and entire routine. Moreover, spending too much time in front of a screen disconnects them from people in their surroundings, and their social life comes to an end. In this era of social media, although it is fruitful in many ways, people remain in an illusion that gives them a sensation of being socially active while they are not. Such issues are taking place as the use of screens increases.

In situations like the recent pandemic, when every educational institute was closed, the student attended their classes online. Most of the students were not serious and didn't take their classes seriously. However, they had a reason to use the screen for most of their time. This piece of writing will throw light on how you can reduce your screen time, which will lead you to a good academic performance. We will unpack some tips to help you reduce your futile screening.

Spending Time On Screen Instead Of Preparing For Exams

Technology has given us so much comfort, but at the same time, it has some dark sides. And these dark sides are discovered by those who don't have any interest in studies. In recent years, almost every student used to go to a college or university to study. Since technology has given the privilege of online education, a large number of students prefer to continue their education from home. There they waste their precious time in futile activities instead of studying for exams. It is the reason that only a few students get good marks; the rest of the students face bringing satisfactory results. Therefore, it is obligatory to reduce screen time. By doing that, you can use your time in exam preparation. This way, you can do your best in your exams, which will boost your academic performance.

Addiction To Screen Of Mobile Phones

Most students are addicted to screens, especially those who are fond of social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. These students spend a lot of time using these apps and waste their time. This situation leads them to failure. Furthermore, they cannot do this in their lives if they do not change this habit. There are a thousand examples brought to us in which we encounter some people who have ruined their time in such unhealthy activities.

You can change this habit by selecting a time for everything. Let's suppose we use Facebook only for two hours a day. In this way, you can reduce your screen time you will be safe from the addiction to screens.

Develop Skills In Yourself

Recent research suggests that plenty of students waste seven to eight hours in front of a screen watching useless videos. Think for a second, can you use these hours to learn something productive and beneficial? Yes, you can. So, develop new skills in yourself by interacting with people around you.

Establish a habit of doing exercise on a daily basis. In this way, your screen time will be reduced to a higher degree, and your academic performance will increase. If you are learning online, you can grab this golden opportunity to enroll in a course that interests you. In such a manner, you can learn a lot of new skills and become a better person. Additionally, spending time on social media will not make you a better person; it is your physical socialization that makes you perfect.

Impacts On A Student's Sleep Cycle

Extreme screen time has a significant impact on a student's sleep cycle. With the widespread use of electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers, students are increasingly exposed to screens for extended periods, especially during the evening and night. As a result, students may experience difficulties falling asleep or achieving a restful night's sleep. The constant engagement with digital content also stimulates the brain, making it harder for students to unwind and relax before bedtime. Consequently, their sleep patterns become disrupted, leading to daytime drowsiness, decreased concentration, and reduced academic performance. To maintain a healthy sleep cycle, it is crucial for students to limit their screen time, particularly in the hours leading up to bedtime, and adopt habits that promote relaxation and restful sleep.

Therefore, make your study plans in daylight in order to be safe from the blue emitted light of a screen. It will help you practice a healthy sleep cycle. You will be able to take your classes with an active mind, and everything will be easy to understand.

Isolation From Family

Spending too much time on social media or watching movies continuously puts you in isolation. Most students do not engage in family gatherings, so they cannot develop a strong bond with their parents and siblings. This situation leads them to the moments when they need emotional help, and there is one around. Thus, it is crucial to socialize and engage in family gatherings so that you cannot get closer to your parents and siblings.

Final Words

Summarizing the whole story, the students should learn to use technology positively. We cannot blame smartphones, PCs, and tablets but their users. Therefore, the only way to improve your academic performance.

The most important thing to be kept in mind is that we didn't ask you to stop using social media and other socializing platforms; our objective is to provide you with some tips you can apply to reduce the time you spend on them.

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